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How many times have you tried to run a video file but your operating system simply fails to cooperate no matter which software you try to use? Resolving such problems is quite counter-intuitive and it would be great if you could find out more about the video and the codecs it requires to run.

VideoInspector by KC Softwares is a tool designed specifically for that purpose. It tries to provide as much information as possible regarding the video, such as resolution, FPS (frames-per-second), bitrate, quality factor, and the codec it uses. It even analyses its audio content and displays the number of channels used, sample rate, and the respective audio codec.

Basically, the main functionality of the tool comes down to learning about the codec you need to install if the video fails to run properly. In the app, you are also notified if you have the required codecs installed on your computer with a Download button underneath. Unfortunately, the button simply opens a new browser tab/window and performs a Google search for the codec.

Other information may be useful to advanced users as well, but it can be found out in other, simpler ways. There are also options to burn the file to DVD or CD, but an external program needs to be installed. Finally, there is also a Bitrate Grapher feature used to analyze the bitrate for each individual frame.

• The tool is free and simple to use
• It can inform you which codecs you need to install in order to run a video file
• Other information about the video can be useful as well
• The Bitrate Grapher offers interesting info on the bitrate for each frame
• Codecs can't be installed automatically and the tool just performs a Google search
• Other information can be obtained in other ways


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